How to install a keylogger on your computer

If you wish to know how to install a keylogger on your Mac or Windows, this guide explains the things you need to know. The installation process is quick and straightforward. But why should you install a keylogger on your computer?

Why Learn How to Install a Keylogger

As parents, you may be troubled or worried about your kids’ online activities. You wish to know who they’re talking to or view their hidden social media accounts and profiles. 

Online isn’t a reliable place for children, although they spend most of their free time on it. Installing a keylogger will help you to monitor their activities.

As a spouse, you may be concerned about your marriage. Online infidelity is increasing at a high rate because social media is making it easy to connect with lost girlfriends or boyfriends.

Getting your partner’s Instagram and Facebook passwords will allow you to know the things shared in secrets. Thus, installing Refog Keylogger will put your mind at ease, by enabling you to access this information.

How to Install a Keylogger for Windows

Refog is one of the best keylogger software for Windows. It’ll help you to know every activity performed on your PC or another person’s computer. It records every keystroke keyed by each computer user. Here’re the steps you need to follow when installing the Keylogger.

  • Download the Refog software from the official Refog website.
  • Select your preferred language and click “OK.” At the license agreement and setup wizard page, click “Next.”
  • The next procedure is choosing the destination folder.
  • Check the other corresponding checkbox to create a desktop icon. However, the program will be visible to others.
  • You should then click on “Install” and wait for the installation process to complete.
  • Open the program for you to view monitoring data. Click “OK.” The program is now ready to work

How to Install Refog if Your System has an Antivirus

Some antivirus programs may prevent or block the downloading of the Refog Keylogger. They can also inhibit installation and other operation of the tool.

However, to avoid these inconveniences, you need to configure the antivirus appropriately or disable them. Some browsers such as Internet Explorer and SmartScreen also interfere with the installation of the keylogger.

On the Internet Explorer, you’ll receive a notification when attempting to install the program. You need to click on “View Downloads,” and you’ll see the Refog software at the top of the downloads list. Click on “Actions” and select “Download unsafe file,” on the context menu.

This will allow the Refog program to download. Click on the downloaded file and select “More Options.” Choose “Run anyway” option and the software will start installing.

A system with AVG Internet Security

Avira Internet Security and AVG antiviruses will block the installation process. If you’re using AVG tool, click on its icon and disable the program for 10 minutes.

A System with Avira Antivirus

If you’re using Avira tool, it may require complex configuration. But the process is doable.

  • Open the window of the antivirus and select Cogwheel. This will open the antivirus’s setting page.
  • While still on the setting window, click on “Expert Mode.”
  • Open “General-Security” tab.
  • On “Product Protection” uncheck both checkbox to enable installation.
  • After you install Refog, click to recheck the checkbox in the “Product protection” option.

A System with Kaspersky Internet Security

This antivirus tool doesn’t block Refog installation processes. However, it’ll suspend it and prompt computer users for further actions.

On Kaspersky program notification, answer the questions by clicking on the “Add to exclusions” option. Once you’ve saved the settings, the antivirus will not prevent installation or other operations of the keylogger.

A System with DR.Web Anti-virus

After installing the Refog keylogger in your PC, this anti-virus will need additional configuration for Refog software to work. Its firewall blocks the sending of email notifications and reports.

When the antivirus opens a prompt notification, click on “Create a rule” to allow MPKView.exe and MPK.exe processes to create network connections.
For more configuration, right-click its icon on system tray.

  • Run SpIDer Gate, them move your cursor to “Settings” option.
  • On the new tab, click “Browse” and select MPK.exe and MPKView.exe, each at a time to allow the creation of connections.
  • Click “OK” to save settings.

How to install Keylogger for Mac

With Refog Keylogger for Mac, web activities will no longer remain secrets. You can install the software on your Mac system without anyone noticing. Here are various steps for installing the program.

  • Download and open installation image.
  • Refog installation window will open. Click on the “Install” option to launch the Monitoring Tool.
  • Input Mac administration password.

A setting tab will prompt once the installation of the tool is complete. You should then memorize Refog hotkey combination for launching the program.

The program is ready to work, and you can delete the installation image.

Key Refog Keylogger Features

Keystroke recording

Once you’ve installed the program, it’ll record every keystroke typed by the computer users. This feature captures every data entered on your system, including chats, passwords, usernames, emails, and search queries among others.

Remote Monitoring

You don’t need physical access to your devices for you to view the information you need. All reports and notifications are received over the network and in real-time. You can receive alerts from anywhere and at any time.

Screenshot History

With customizable capabilities, the keylogger will capture screenshots of everything viewed by the user on the desktop screen. Thus, your employees will not be tempted to misuse company computers by doing personal tasks, shopping or excess web browsing.

Stealth Mode

Refog keylogger operates on stealth mode. The application will be invisible by your computer users once the program is installed. This feature enables protection of keywords, usernames or uninstallation of the software without your consent.

Web History Logging

Once you’ve installed Refog Keylogger in your system, you’ll view the browsing history of every user. Even if they delete their browsing history, you’ll still be able to see the record.

Refog Pricing Policy

The pricing for the keylogger and Refog Personal Monitor depends on the number of computers the software is working on simultaneously. The cost for one keylogger license is $19. But you can opt the offer for 3 licenses, for 3 PCs for $33.

You can also purchase the Refog Personal Monitor. The price for one license is $49 and for three licenses is $63. 


The Refog installation process is straightforward. Whether you’re using Windows or Mac, the program has easy-to-follow launching procedures. You should also learn how to install a keylogger even when you’ve got an antivirus in your system.

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